Club Tournaments

We organise several tournaments during the season in which all playing members are encouraged to enter.

Annual Club Championship

[images/finals_2017] Finals Day 2017

[Photo:  Pidgeoni]

This takes place each year from April to July culminating in a finals day in July (or September, if postponed by the weather). The events are open to all members and there is no charge for entering. It covers the full range of singles and doubles events in all age and gender categories.

2017 Finals Day

Recent winners are shown in the table.

ROLL OF HONOUR 2017 2016 2015
MEN'S SINGLES Matthew Hails James Wilkinson Martin Taylor
LADIES' SINGLES Cara Alexander Cara Alexander Cara Alexander
MEN'S DOUBLES Ross Alexander &
Matthew Hails
Ross Alexander &
Alex Lester
Paul Haslam &
Edward Cozens
LADIES' DOUBLES Cara Alexander &
Jenny Stokes
Cara Alexander &
Jenny Stokes
Cara Alexander &
Jenny Stokes
Jenny Stokes
Paul Haslam &
Alex Hedley
Paul Haslam &
Alex Hedley
MEN'S VETS SINGLES Tim Yates Jonathan Milne Liam Adams
Naomi Shakinovsky
Jane Riding Jane Riding
MEN'S VETS DOUBLES Jonathan Milne &
Martin Webb
Adrian Strain &
Tony Harriman
Jonathan Milne &
Martin Webb
LADIES' VETS DOUBLES Alison Williams &
Jenny Stokes
Irene Peaty &
Margie Ward
Alison Williams &
Mel Spencer
Louise Wiltshire
Martin Webb &
Elaine Bolt
Jonathan Milne &
Gina Lee-Young
David Smith &
Irene Peaty
Peter Gosbell &
Louise Wiltshire
Dmitri Vassiliev &
Sue Gosbell
Handicap Tournament

A further strongly contested event each year is the Club Handicap Tournament where the better players are penalised in playing points to enable a more even playing field for all who enter. The competition ends in October each year and also culminates in a finals day together with a social event. The events are open to adults and there is no charge for entering. One of the most entertaining events here is the Pot Luck Mixed Doubles where playing partners are drawn out of a hat before the draw is made.

These were some of the finalists in the 2017 competition:

[images/ht-2017-finalists] HT - 2017 Finalists

[Photo:  Louise Wiltshire]

The 2017 winners were:

Men's Singles: Will Turville
Ladies' Singles: Alison Smith
Men's Doubles: Derek Peacock & Shane Ryan
Ladies' Doubles: Gina Lee Young & Mary O'Hare
Mixed Doubles: Alison Asplin & Mark Brailsford
Pot-Luck Mixed Doubles: Alison Asplin & Derek Peacock

American Tournaments

These are held throughout the year, one which is usually combined with the Wimbledon Ballot draw. Everyone plays a certain number of games (mixed doubles) and the winning men then move in one direction and winning women in the other. The losing pair split up and play opposite each other for the next match. The winners are the lady and gent who win the most games.

Winter Leagues

During the winter season (roughly October to April) the Winter Leagues have proved to be very popular. Singles and mixed doubles with 6 players/pairs in each of 6 or more divisions compete over a six week period. Promotion and relegation follows, before the start of a new round. Nearly 50% of the adult membership takes part and is highly competitive at all levels but at the same time very friendly. If you need a partner, don't be shy, put your name forward on the noticeboard and someone will pair up with you. For more information - see Winter Leagues.

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