Finals Day - 9th July, 2017

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The tournament was organised by
Head Coach Martin Taylor (right),
and the presentations below were
made by Martin Webb (left).

w = winner,  r/u = runner-up
Martin Webb is the son of
José and the late Dennis Webb.
He first appeared on the Honours board (in the small hall) in 1974 winning the men's singles and mixed doubles, and 30 years later in 2004 winning the men's doubles.
[images/finals 2017/56]
Charlie Ellam (r/u) & Tollef Ellam (w)
[18U Boys]
[images/finals 2017/58]
Samantha Broom (r/u)
[18U Girls, Cloe Pettengell (w)]
[images/finals 2017/59]
Andrew Ellis (w)
[16U Boys, Sam Thandi (r/u)]
[images/finals 2017/61]
Fabiola Lambert (r/u) & Marelie Raath (w)       [14U Girls]
[images/finals 2017/62]
Alex Samsami (r/u) & Andrew Ellis (w)
[14U Boys]
[images/finals 2017/63]
George Angel (w) & Ben Worsley (r/u)
[12U Boys]
[images/finals 2017/64]
Ben Turville (r/u) & Bertie Postema (w)
[10U Mixed]
[images/finals 2017/66]
Alex & Sarah Samsami (w)
[Junior/Adult Doubles, less exp'd]
[images/finals 2017/67]
Nick Trott (w)
[Men's Singles Consolation]
[images/finals 2017/68]
Martin Webb & Jon Milne
[winners Men's Vets Doubles]
[images/finals 2017/70]
Jenny Stokes & Alison Williams
[winners Ladies' Vets Doubles]
[images/finals 2017/72]
Richard Shaw & Louise Wiltshire
[winners Mixed Vets Doubles]
[images/finals 2017/75]
Naomi Shakinovsky
[winner Ladies' Vets Singles]
[images/finals 2017/77]
Tim Yates
[winner Men's Vets Singles]
[images/finals 2017/78]
Irene Peaty & David Smith
[winners Super Vets Doubles]
[images/finals 2017/80]
Leo Broom & Jenny Stokes
[winners Mixed Doubles]
[images/finals 2017/82]
Cara Alexander & Jenny Stokes
[winners Ladies' Doubles]
[images/finals 2017/83]
Ross Alexander & Matt Hails
[winners Men's Doubles]
[images/finals 2017/84]
Cara Alexander
[winner Ladies' Singles]
[images/finals 2017/86]
Matt Hails
[winner Men's Singles]
[images/finals 2017/DA14 by David Angel]
[images/finals 2017/DA17 by David Angel]
[images/finals 2017/DA18 by David Angel]
[images/finals 2017/DA19 by David Angel]
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