When to Play Tennis

In general, anyone may play at any time, if a court is free, but there are times when priority is given to certain forms of tennis.
Social Tennis

Adult social tennis is played on

  • Tuesdays (from 1.00 to 3.00 pm)
  • Saturdays (from 2.00 to 5.00 pm)
  • Wednesdays (after 6.00 pm)

througout the year, except for  Wednesday evenings in the winter, which are less popular and it is often advisable to make arrangements to ensure a game. Social tennis is for all adults from beginner to club champion, as well as for the better juniors, and generally follows the following format:

  • Preference is given to mixed doubles pairs. However, if you are waiting (and after making sure no-one else is waiting or just about to finish a set), a funny four i.e. three gents and a lady or the other way around can be played. A ladies or gents doubles set is also acceptable.
  • After completing your set please leave the court and return to the court side seats where you will mix in with others who have been waiting or who are just about to finish. At quiet times when you are sure that no one is waiting, or about to finish, you may continue with another set.  However, if other players arrive after you have started another set please don't leave them waiting too long, i.e. finish your game or set.
  • Please always walk around the back of the courts where play is in progress, rather than across the centre! If your ball goes onto another court please wait for a convenient moment to ask for it back. Similarly if balls arrive on your court from nearby courts please send them back, as soon as possible!
  • Balls are provided by the players.  It is advisable to have some good quality balls with you, well marked to distinguish them from those of other players. Team captains may be able to give you a tin of 4 ex-match balls - these are ‘new' balls which have been used for just one match.

Please note, during social tennis players should not play privately arranged games, as this is considered to be unsociable.

Daytime Singles Ladder
If you wish to join the singles ladder, please email Singles matches against other members, both men and women, can be arranged privately to be played during the day.
'Private' Tennis

Privately arranged games may be played at any time (except during Social Tennis), if there is a court available which is not required by any kind of match which has priority.

On Sunday mornings up to 12 noon priority is given to such privately arranged games. At all times, however, priority is given to doubles games over singles.  The only time that singles games have precedence is on Monday evenings in the winter leagues (see below), or when played in the course of an AEGON team match (see Team Tennis).


[Photo: Richard Shaw]

The 'Sunday Boys' in December - they play regularly on Sunday mornings.

Team Tennis

The Club enters several teams in local leagues throughout the year.In March and April, ahead of the summer season, men's and ladies' match practices are arranged on Thursday evenings. These are organised to allow team captains and players to get to know each other. Anyone wishing to play for a Club Team should join these practice sessions, if possible, or contact any of the club captains. During the winter, the Club enters teams in the Herts Veterans' and East Herts Mixed Leagues. For further infor­mation, see:


Certain courts are booked in advance for all team matches, and anyone playing on them when they are needed will be asked to move off them.  However, matches cannot be arranged on Saturday afternoons (social tennis) or Sunday mornings (private games).

[Photo: Pidgeoni]

Winter Box Leagues

During the winter months, two internal competitions are arranged for club members - singles (open to both men and ladies) and mixed doubles. Players are arranged into divisions, or boxes, roughly according to their ability, with up to six players or pairs per box. Several rounds are played during the season, with promotion and relegation between rounds. For more information - see:


These singles matches have priority over all other tennis on Monday evenings. The doubles matches have priority over all other matches on Tuesday evenings, and some on Wednesday evenings. Many of these matches are also played at other times, but do not have priority at such times.

Junior Tennis

Fridays (4.30 to 6.30) are Junior Club Nights. These are social evenings, suitable for all juniors aged 10 years and above, when the juniors have prioriy on court.

Once each half-term the Head Coach runs the junior club night. On other nights, parents may run club nights themselves.

For more details see:


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Check the NOTICE BOARDS in the clubhouse to learn about forthcoming events and avoid disappointment.
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