Team Tennis

CLUB  CAPTAINS:   Men - Tim Yates;   Ladies - Alex Hedley

The Club enters several teams in various local leagues.  For team captains, see below.
(Match fees for each player are just £2 per match.)

Herts Winter Seniors Leagues

Ten teams have been entered as follows:

- Men 45+ (2 teams), 55+ (2 teams),

- Ladies 40+ (2 teams), 50+ (3 teams), 60+ (1 team).

These doubles matches involve two pairs per team, who play two rubbers each. Rubbers consist of 2 sets, plus (if necessary) a championship tie-break. Matches are normanlly played on Sunday afternoons.

...Men's fixtures and results (2017-18)

...Men's league tables (2017-18)

...Men's league tables (2016-17)

...Ladies' fixtures and results (2017-18)

...Ladies' league tables (2017-18)

...Ladies' league tables (2016-17)


Men 45/A - David Smith
Men 45/B - Chris Vin d'Arc
Men 55/A - David Smith
Men 55/B - Keith Warrington
Ladies 40/A - Alison Williams
Ladies 40/B - Tamara Elsmark
Ladies 50/A - Irene Peaty
Ladies 50/B - Karen Marshall
Ladies 50/C - Melissa Dayton
Ladies 60/A - Sheila Vaughan

East Herts Winter Mixed Leagues

Three mixed teams have been entered. These are two-pair doubles matches. Each pair plays two rubbers, against the two opposing pairs. Rubbers consist of 2 sets, plus (if necessary) a championship tie-break. Matches are normanlly played on Sunday afternoons.

Details are not online.

Watford League

We enter eleven teams (men's, ladies' and mixed) in the  summer Watford Leagues. These are very popular evening doubles matches in which three pairs play a set each against each of the opposing pairs, followed by a light supper. Matches are played on weekday evenings - normally Mondays and Tuesdays for men's and ladies' matches, Thursdays for mixed matches.

...Fixtures, results and tables (2017).

...Final League tables (2016).

...General info and League Rules


Men's A - Chris Ruis
Men's B - Ben Berriman
Men's C - Graham Thomas

Ladies' A - Alex Hedley
Ladies' B - Carolyn Morris
                   & Sheila Vaughan
Ladies' C - Naomi Shakinovsky
Ladies' D - Sue Gosbell

Mixed A - Alex Hedley
Mixed B - Lindsey Berriman
Mixed C - Mark Smith
Mixed D - Keith Warrington

AEGON Team Tennis

We enter two men's and two ladies' teams. A match consists of four singles rubbers (one per player), followed by two doubles rubbers (one per pair of players).  Rubbers consist of 2 sets, plus (if necessary) a championship tie-break.  Matches are normanlly played on Sunday afternoons.

Captains & links to Fixtures, etc.

Ladies' A - Jenny Stokes
Ladies' B - Trish Poole

Men's 1 - Jon Milne
Men's 2 - Rob Houghton

Hertfordshire League

We enter two men's teams and a ladies' team.   These doubles matches involve three pairs playing three rubbers against each of the opposing pairs.  A rubber consists of two sets plus, if necessary, a 10-point championship tie-breaker (in place of a third set).  Matches are normally played on Sunday afternoons, but away matches might be played on Saturdays.

...Match fixtures and results (2017).

...League tables (2017).

...Final league tables (2016).


Men's 1 - Ross Hannah
Men's 2 - Richard Shaw

Ladies' 1 - Irene Peaty

Hot Rackets League

We enter five teams in this increasingly popular two-pair doubles league. Only two rubbers are played by each pair, so the match is shorter than the Herts League matches.  A rubber is two sets plus a championship tie-breaker (if needed), and matches are played normally on Sunday afternoons.

...Hot Rackets Fixtures & Results


Ladies' 1 - Trish Poole - Prem
Ladies' 2 - Debbie Reed - Prem
Ladies' 3 - Gill Angel - div 2A

Men's 1 - Chris Vin d'Arc - div 2B
Men's 2 - Keith Warrington - div 3B

In 2015, 4 ladies' teams won the Premier division, divs. 2B and 5A; the 2nd team was 3rd in the Premier division.

Anyone interested in playing team tennis should contact one of the above team captains or club captains:

Ladies Captain: -- or -- Men's Captain:

For club captains' contact details, see the Members' Area.

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