Winter Leagues

Singles - Tim Yates
Mixed Doubles - Alison Asplin

During the winter months two internal club competitions are arranged for club members - singles (open to both men and ladies) and mixed doubles.

Players are arranged in (usually six or more) divisions or boxes according to their level of play, with normally six players or pairs per division. Each player/pair plays the other five in their division, with one match per week plus a catch-up week for rearranged matches. This constitutes a round, after which winners and losers are promoted or relegated to the next division for the next round. Four or five rounds take place each winter.

Singles are played on Monday evenings, and mixed doubles on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Please note, although the occasional match may be rearranged for another time, players should be prepared to play the majority of their games on these evenings, when they have priority over all other players on the courts.

To enter either competition enter your name on the entry list in the clubhouse (usually put up just prior to the beginning of the winter season) or contact the organiser. The singles normally start in September, and the doubles in October.  If you wish to enter a new round later in the season, please contact the organisers .

[Photo: Jane Riding]

SALTC Winter Box League 1 Results (Nov 2018)

Box 1A: Kelly Fagan & Ed Cozens

Box 1B: Claire Worsley & Tim Yates

Box 3: Vanda Robinson & Oliver Broomfield

Box 4: Jane Riding & Steve Riding

Box 5: Cece Walker & John Walker

Box 6: Jane Barnard & George Conway

Box 7A: Elena Fisheleva & Mike Mernagh

Box 7B: Sarah Warrington & Keith Warrington


 To enter please email Alison Asplin




Round 12 Winners (4th round of 2017/18)

Box  1: Oliver Broomfield
Box  2: Adrian Strain
Box  3: Serge Townsend
Box  4: Garry Lawford
Box  5: George Goss
Box  6: Alex Russell
Box  7: Steven Dunn
Box  8: Shane Ryan
Box  9: Naomi Shakinowsky
Box 10: Brett Morrish
Box 11: John Midgley
Box 12: Jason Thompson
Box 13: Nick Harvey
Box 14: Melissa Dayton

To enter please email Tim Yates

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